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Our African Exfoliating Body Net will give your skin the clean feeling it CRAVES! ELEVATE Your Bathing Experience.

Our Net Is Safe To Use On Your Body & Face.


Beneifts From Using Our Body Net:

- Allows Soap To Create A Rich Lather

- Gets RID of Dead Skin & Unwanted Bacteria

- Leaves Your Skin Feeling Silky & Smooth

- Helps Clean Out Pores

- Combats Ingrown Hairs

- Promotes Even Skin Tone

- Excellent For Pre/Post Body Waxing

- Prepares Skin For Absorbing Our Raw Natural Whipped BodyButter & Oils

C.Million African Exfoliating Body Net

SKU: 376599845670904
  • We Recommend That You Hand Wash Our Nets! They Can Be Washed In The Wash Machine On A Gentle Cycle.

    Material: Nylon (Soft)

    Body Net Size: 15in ( Will Stretch To About 30in)

    Our Nets Lasts For Months - 1 Year !! (With Proper Care)



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