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 We at C.Million Artisan Skincare create handcrafted and small batch body care essentials. Our company offers a great selection of 100% NATURAL  products made with the BEST ingredients nature offers. 

We appreciate your business!!

About C.Million Artisan Skincare

How We Got Here

C.Million Artisan Skincare was started by Charnice McMillion-Martin. 
In 2016 our Founders mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and after chemo & radiation she had a difficult time finding products that did not contain any harsh and harmful chemicals that would help her skin stay hydrated/moisturized.

After long hours of research, trial and errors our founder was able to create body butters that has helped her mothers dry skin.

In 2019 C.Million Artisan Skincare was born. Our goal is to promote healthy skincare by creating small batch handcrafted products that keeps our delicate skin in mind.

Check us out and start shopping today! 



(Please Note: I am not an aesthetician nor cosmetic chemist. I just enjoy researching and using my skill set to create body care essentials while using nature’s best ingredients)

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